Welcome to TractionArt

I’m Nick Harling, an artist specialising in nostalgic railway scenes. I’m an Associate Member of the Guild of Railway Artists. As the old adage goes, you should always paint what you know. My lifelong interest in railways, combined great attention to detail and an eye for an interesting composition, qualify me perfectly to turn your cherished railway memories into a painting that you’ll treasure.

About me

I started painting as a teenager and taught myself to use watercolours…but then university, work, marriage and children put my artwork on hold for fifteen years.  I picked up my brushes again in 2011, having left work as a museum curator to look after my young son. I’m now in the fortunate position to be able to paint on a full time basis – I’m very pleased to be receiving regular commissions and releasing limited edition print runs. I launched this website in 2013 as a useful place to sell my work.

About my paintings

My preferred medium is gouache, a water-based opaque paint with which I can achieve extremely fine detail on a relatively small scale. I paint on high quality hot-pressed art board, giving a firm but smoothly textured surface. I will paint any railway scene, old or modern, UK or worldwide. I prefer not to copy directly from photographs, which seems to be a slightly pointless exercise. However, I am happy to use photographs provided either by customers, or through my own meticulous research, to create a unique and historically accurate scene. All my commissions are the product of teamwork with my clients! Feel free to contact me with your requirements: nickharling@aol.com

All images on this site are © Nick Harling/TractionArt